mardi 29 juillet 2014

Ronning Against Cancer (breast cancer) and Ronald Tintin’s weekly training report during the week of July 21st - July 27th 2014! Training to support people and research...Let’s get rid of breast cancer! Great motivation and wellness to run !!!

Hi dearest readers ;-)

Ronning Against Cancer (breast cancer) and Ronald Tintin ran during the week of July 21st  –  July 27th  2014...We improved 4 of our 6 stats.

Total distance : 85.70 km
(+ 32.12)
Total calories: 5 728
( + 3 586)
Total time: 7h21
(+ 4h36)
Workouts : 5

Awasome training last week ;) Nice training with great motivation and wellness to train in order to support the fight agains breastcancer cancer...

The weather  is so nice to run with wellbeing in the nature;-)

Thus is the training with motivation and wellness...:)

To know more about Ronald Tintin’s project “Ronning Against Cancer” : Together, we can get rid of cancer”.

Ronald Tintin

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