lundi 22 août 2011

Facebook’s ‘Like’ Button Declared Illegal In Germany

Citing violations to the countries strict privacy laws, the Independent Center for Privacy Protection (ULD) called for all Facebook ‘like’ plugins to be removed in the German state of Schlewsing-Holstein. The ULD stated that the Facebook ‘like’ plugin infringes on the Telemedia Act and the Federal Data Protection Act as Facebook transfers data back to the US. Also, according to Thilo Weichart, employee of the the data protection in Schleswig-Holstein, the plugins illegally tracked users’ web habits.

In the press release, the ULD stated:
The ULD expects all website operators in Schleswig-Holstein, that they immediately cease the data cascading over her to-use Facebook in the U.S., by disabling the appropriate services. This is not done until the end of September 2011, the ULD will take further measures.
and that
The maximum height is fine for violations of the TMG at 50,000 €.
For more information see the ULD’s official statement on Facebook.

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