dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Never never Give Up and be positive ! Health, Wellbeing and Fitness : Ronning Against Cancer’s progression long run (17.5 km in 1h14’) on Sunday morning, January 18th 2015 !!! Great motivation and wellness to support the fight against breast cancer and Cancer Awareness !!!

Les Aventures de Ronald Tintin,LE JOURNAL INTIME DE SUBLIMA: L'Ecrivain et Marathonien Ronald Tintin,créateur d...: L'Ecrivain et Marathonien Ronald Tintin,créateur du projet "Ronning Against Cancer"contre le cancer: Never never Give Up an...

To know more about Ronald Tintin’s project “Ronning Against Cancer” 2015: Together, we
can get rid of cancer”.

Ronald Tintin,

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